School, Kindy and Sports Gear

We have a large range of different bags to meet your every day and school needs, as well as the essential sunhat and pencil cases.  The school and kindy bag range includes backpacks and very soon lunch bags, which you can customise with a name (and shortly images).  

  • Kindy Backpacks are most suited to children up to 5 years, they are smaller than the school backpacks but still have room for lunch boxes, drinks bottles and a change of clothes
  • Kit Bags are an all purpose solution for carrying around belongings, probably the most common use is a swim bag but we have customers using them as bags for football boots, gym gear, dance clothes, even musical instruments - the choice is yours
  • School Backpacks are suitable for kids 5 years and up, with a larger capacity that are designed to carry the extra school gear such as book bags, work books, pencil cases, lunch boxes and more
  • Sunhats are an essential item for all young children. We have 2 sizes in our range to suit 1 to 3 years and 4 to 6 years
  • Pencil Cases when personalised, stand out from the crowd and won't get left behind. 
Sun hats for kids $19.95
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Personalised Kit Bag $11.95 $23.50
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Red Backpack
School Backpack - Personalised Sold Out - $24.95 $39.95
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Kindy kit Bag
Kindy kit Bag $19.95
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