Care Instructions

Quality and Care


Our labels are weather resistant, microwave and dishwasher safe.  We provide an extra clear sticker to place over the shoe labels in order to protect the label against ongoing contact with feet, possible abrasion and exposure to smelly socks.


Kit Bags - These bags should not be put in the washing machine, please clean with a damp cloth and avoid excessive exposure to water.


You will find cool design garments will still look great long after they've left us. As with most things, a little bit of care taken when washing and drying will ensure your garments stay looking great.

All cool designs clothing is made of 100% compacted cotton which is colourfast. This means you can machine-wash the clothing in temperatures up to 40 degrees. Although much of the inevitable shrinkage has already happened, it takes just a few washes for the fabric to get its final fit. Avoid washing in very hot temperatures (above 40 degrees) as this can reduce the life of a garment and the print. It may also cause the garment to shrink approximately one centimeter in length. Washing your garment inside out will protect and prolong the life of the print.


The best way to dry our clothing is to hang them on a clothesline or on a drying rack. Drying them inside-out will also help to prevent fading. We do not recommend drying your clothes in a tumble-dryer as this can reduce the life of the garment and damage the print.


We recommend that you iron clothing inside out and do not iron the print directly.