Fundraiser Multi Label Pack - Westlake Forest Hill Kindergarten

Ensure the items your child brings to kindy are easily identifiable by purchasing one of these vinyl and iron on name label multi packs.  The price of $24.95 is a saving to you off our normal retail price and the kindy also receive a donation for each pack sold.

The vinyl stickers are dishwasher, microwave and weather proof !, The COOLDesigns  iron-on clothes vinyl is soft and stretches with the fabric and can easily be applied with your iron (Don't use it on a steam setting !)  Given there are often 2 sets of everything that need to be labeled our packs come with 42 labels with each pack having a combination of small and large labels, all you need to do is choose a colour theme and personalise with a name by clicking the button below.  Labels will be delivered to your home address free of charge.


          Iron On Pack Sizes                                               Vinyl Pack Sizes

  • 20 rectangle labels - 55mm x 16mm                     6 Rectangle Labels 45mm x 21mm
  • 18 rectangle labels - 35mm x 10mm                     6 Rectangle Labels 45mm x 5mm
  • 4 Round labels  - 28mm                                       4 Shoe Dots plus overlays for extra durability

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