Premier Shoe Labels - 24 Pack

The COOLdesigns Premier shoe labels allow you to add an image to the label that kids will love, a cool robot, owl, flower or football perhaps.  Printed in high definition so the image and name are clear to read the Shoe dots are also waterproof and scratch resistant.  Each shoe dot pack comes with an extra sticker overlay for additional durability which makes them a parents favorite.  Each pack contains 24 labels with a diameter of 32mm.  Avoid loosing the shoes you paid a fortune for and make something your kids will love at the same time.

You can personalise the premier shoe dots by choosing the colour and adding text and an image. 

  • Add up to 25 characters of text on a single line or over 2 lines it's up to you
  • 9 Different colours to choose from
  • High adhesive
  • Weather proof
  • 24 Shoe labels in each pack plus a clear plastic overlay to add extra protection and durability
  • Size - each shoe label measures approximately - 3.2cm diameter

Handy Hint - young kids really love bright colours and the slightly older ones seem to prefer more subtle tones


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