Wall Art for Childrens Rooms

These designs would look fantastic on any childs bedroom wall, they have bright colours and come in a variety of sizes to suit. 

  • Easy application, just pull the image like a big sticker off the wall and position were you would like it to go, no extra backing tape to worry about, if its not level on the first go take it off and try again. (Still a good ideas to use a run something flat over the surface to remove any bubbles
  • Various different sizes and colours to choose
  • Delivered in a cardboard tube for protection
  • We can print special one off designs over a metre long if required just email info@cooldeisgns.co.nz

Wall art or wall decals is a fantastic and cost effective  way to add colour and design to a room.  Our wall art is produced on removable vinyl which means the paint stays on the wall when you take it down or you can change the room or wall it displayed on.


Type: Wall Art

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